What makes a good design process?

We all at least have a general understanding of a design process; generally speaking, we start with some sort of goal then we go on to ideate, prototype, and then repeat the process. Depending on the project itself, the specifics of the design process varies. With over six years working as a UX designer, I've learned to value a few key components that help make a good design process and can be applied anywhere.


Understanding our users and their needs are essential to making a successful product. I value working closely with user researchers throughout the design process, be it in early conceptual phases, or later phases of validating designs.


Aiming for a strong, scalable foundation ensures I’m designing for the primary use cases, as well being able to adapt as the product expands.


Let’s get those ideas out there; the earlier, the better. I often share ideas in lower-fidelity with some annotations; they’re quick, easy, and allow for people to understand the concept rather than getting into the details of how it looks.


Collaboration across teams is important; I don’t believe design should be siloed. Aligning with my team on vision, goals, and priorities early and often helps us understand what can and can’t be done, builds trust amongst each other, and reduces overall stress.











Who is Ashli?

I graduated from the University of Washington’s Human-Centered Design & Engineering undergraduate program in 2011 with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. Through my major, I built my foundation around the design process, design principles, interaction design, and user research.

Before I started my career as a user experience designer, I worked as a web developer with a deep appreciation for well-designed products. One day when a design agency was presenting mock-ups, a light went off in my head and I asked myself: “Ashli, I have a degree in HCI. I love UX design. Why am I not doing that?” I made the switch to a UX career a month later.

I have over six years of professional experience as a user experience designer. I’ve worked with start-ups and large corporations, including Amazon and Microsoft, designing for different types of products for different types of platforms. I’ve learned to work with different product cycle methodologies, team structures, and types of deliverables.

On my free time, I love traveling around the world (especially Japan!) while carrying too much camera gear, playing sports, and hanging out with my corgi, Mochi. I’m also a volunteer for API LGBTQ communities here in San Francisco.

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