Hey there. I'm Ashlimarie,
a User Experience Designer.

I push visions; not just pixels.

My Design Process. Distilled.

During my undergraduate years in Human-Centered Design & Engineering, I learned about the design process from research to refinement. Through my work experience, I quickly learned through different products that the ideal design process doesn't always occur. Overtime, I've distilled a few key components of the design process that I always execute on.


I gather product requirements, goals, and information about the users. I then generate ideas with my team and sharpen the focus per product needs.


After understanding our intent, I start building a foundation. I validate early and often with the team and users to ensure the structure makes sense.


Fitting hand-in-hand with architecture, I want to uncover how our users discover certain aspecst of a product sooner rather than later.


At this point in the process my foundation is pretty solid. Large changes in the design will rarely occur, and I can make things look good.

I graduated from the University of Washington's Human-Centered Design & Engineering undergraduate program in 2011. Phew, that's a mouthful.

Through my major, I built my foundation around the design process, designing around a solid foundation, interaction design, and user research.

Before I discovered user experience, I was a web developer with a deep appreciation for well-designed products. With my past experience, I integrated key learnings from technical standpoints into how I design products & interact with developers.

On my free time, I love exploring the world, bouldering, tennis, and photography. Oh, I have a corgi named Mochi. She's soft and squishy.

“I don't want to be interesting.
I want to be good.”

- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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