Internet of Things



INRIX wanted to find ways to integrate traffic and car data into the Smart Home experience.


Discovering the user need for traffic information throughout their day was a challenge, and also ensuring the experience isn't too invasive throughout their day.

My Role

I worked primarily with Sales to understand INRIX's business goals, other businesses' needs. Based off this information, I would refer to personas and conduct informal interviews to understand how drivers go about their day. I would share my work with the rest of the design team to get feedback on concepts and user flows.


  • Researched traffic/drive features, and integrated that into the designs
  • Facilitated brainstorming session with design team to discover new features for personas
  • Worked with business team to create primary use cases
  • Sketched use cases and presented them to mobile team for feedback
  • Created unbranded designs that can be shared to different clients
  • Created clickthrough prototypes for the business team to share


My designs were shown during CES 2016 to other companies. Since then, these concepts and designs opened discussions externally regarding integrating INRIX with their products.