Payment System Integration

Amazon Payments; Login with Amazon; Prime Pass


Working with Amazon Payments was a special process because I worked for two different teams within the group: one focused on Login with Amazon (LwA) and the other worked on newer initiatives, including Prime Pass (PP). These two systems are connected because of the shared flow and process.

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Merchants were hesitant about the benefits of integrating Amazon Payments into their site. How can we make Amazon Payments more appealing to merchants?


Login with Amazon: Login with Amazon allows users (customers) to use their Amazon account and use their information to quickly and securely make a purchase through the site.

Prime Pass: Amazon Payments also had a vision for their customers of free shipping through Amazon through Amazon’s services, which was at the time called Prime Pass (PP).


Prime Pass: The biggest challenge was that would be a new Prime offering and discovering the right fidelity of detail to include on merchant websites and also on

Login with Amazon: There wasn't any intent on changing the experience with the LwA flow. With the given constraints, I had to strategize how LwA can fit into merchant's flows with minimal conflict.

My Role

For over 6 months during my work at UpTop, I was assigned two different projects for the Amazon Payments group.

Login with Amazon: I was a designer working on LWA prototypes for both web and mobile; I shared my prototypes to the PM and discussed the flows with him before handing off to Sales.

Prime Pass: I was the only designer on that team and worked alongside a PM and engineers to design the feature from the ground up. I later worked with a user researcher to uncover pain points during each step of the experience and to test my design choices.


  • Designed a standardized flow and interaction model in Axure for the design team to reference while designing Login with Amazon prototypes
  • Designed high-fidelity LWA merchant prototypes for mobile and web experiences to first share with my PM and Sales before presenting to merchant
  • Worked with PM to understand PP vision by whiteboarding and sketching user stories and user flows.
  • Based off LWA knowledge, applied similar user flow to Prime Pass in prototypes
  • Worked with a user researcher to define segments to dive deep on, what our theories are about the results, and how to refine the prototype to include cue points where the researcher can ask questions and gather more information


The Login with Amazon team leveraged my Axure prototypes to help them create prototypes even quicker and more effectively than before.

A well-known clothing brand in the UK that I worked on protoypes for is now using LWA and has seen a 34% increase in checkout conversion and has reduced checkout time by at least 70 seconds.

The usability tests for Prime Pass helped validate the overall concept and experience. After the tests, I refined the details of the designs, copy, and interactions then proceeded to create similar experiences for a few more merchants.

Prime Pass was officially announced in November 2014 when the same clothing brand that integrated LwA had also integrated the new benefit of free shipping for customers with an Amazon account.