Payment system experience

Background information

Login with Amazon allows users (customers) to use their Amazon account and use their information to quickly and securely make a purchase through the site. From an online merchant’s perspective, their goal is to reduce customer drop-off rates when they’re ready to make a purchase.

I worked with the Amazon Payments B2B group to help extend their Pay with Amazon (PWA) to different online shops. I also worked on optimizing prototyping workflows for other user experience designers.


Working with many different types of online businesses proved to be a challenge, as my main goal is to create a seamless checkout process using LWA while minimizing the amount of adjustments to the merchant’s website.

My Role

I was a user experience designer working on LWA prototypes for both web and mobile; I shared my prototypes to the PM and discussed the flows with him before handing off to the marketing team. I worked primarily with a PM and an Amazon user experience designer who has a lot of background knowledge of the payments systems.

The process

I worked with the PM and the user experience designer to gather project requirements and to understand the intended behaviors and interactions of the Pay with Amazon experience.

Before building a prototype, I researched the merchant website to understand the overall flow, checkout process, and the color schemes to strategize how and where the PWA experience could be incorporated into their experience. I designed high-fidelity PWA merchant prototypes in Axure for mobile and web experiences to share with my PM and Sales before presenting to the merchant.

I designed a standardized flow and interaction model in Axure for the design team to leverage for other designers building Login with Amazon prototypes.


The Amazon Payments team leveraged my Axure prototypes to help them build prototypes even quicker and more effectively than before.

A well-known clothing brand in the UK that I built prototypes for is now using Pay with Amazon, and has seen a 34% increase in checkout conversion and has reduced checkout time by at least 70 seconds.

CompanyAmazon skillsInformation architecture, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, Interaction design

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