My Role

I strategized, structured, and executed design components and interactions to maintain the Big Fish brand and adhere to the business objectives. I worked with another designer, who focused on visual design and priortizing tasks and use cases.


  • • Created app structure to allow players to start playing a game in the least amount of steps
  • • Sketched out the icon concepts for the Microsoft Live achievements shown in-app as well as on the web. My sketches were then handed off to a graphic designer for refinement.
  • • Structured and designed the app for the snapped view. The design justification for creating a snapped version is if users are interested in comparing games and reviews to what’s available on the Big Fish website. However, the snapped view does not extend to gameplay.
  • • With the business need of upsells, the Lead Designer and I discovered the most common scenarios where upsells can be placed without interfering with gameplay.


We streamlined the overall user flow of streaming apps at Big Fish and would reach a broader audience of users who want to enjoy Big Fish games without installing each game individually.

Unfortunately, this product was canceled shortly before its release. This was after many rounds of iterations and having it built out and approved by the Microsoft App Store.