I worked with the Amazon Pay group to build Pay with Amazon design solutions to integrate in 3rd party ecommerce websites. Pay with Amazon (PWA) is a checkout solution reducing the number of painpoints and time online shoppers spend during the checkout process. On an ecommerce website, you can sign in with your Amazon account and, with your Amazon shipping and billing information, within a few clicks you can complete the checkout flow.

My Role

I was a user experience designer working on prototypes for both web and mobile; I shared my prototypes to the PM and discussed the flows with him before handing off to the marketing team. I worked primarily with a PM and an Amazon user experience designer who has a lot of background knowledge of the payments systems.

I’ve also worked on designing product features for Pay with Amazon.


My main goal was to create seamless checkout processes using PWA, while ensuring the solutions were complementary to the ecommerce website. This was a huge challenge since the PWA widget has limited styling and placement.


I worked with the PM and the user experience designer to gather project requirements and to understand the intended behaviors and interactions of the Pay with Amazon experience.

Before building a prototype, I researched the merchant website to understand the overall flow, checkout process, and the color schemes to strategize how and where the PWA experience could be incorporated into their experience. I designed high-fidelity PWA merchant prototypes in Axure for mobile and web experiences to share with my PM and Sales before presenting to the merchant.

I also designed a standardized flow and interaction model in Axure for the design team to leverage so others could quickly and efficiently build other Login with Amazon prototypes.


The Amazon Payments team leveraged my Axure components to help the team build prototypes even quicker and more effectively than before.

Some of the prototypes I built for different businesses were successful and have case studies. A well-known clothing brand I worked on now uses Pay with Amazon; the ecommerce website has seen a 34% increase in checkout conversion and has reduced checkout time by at least 70 seconds.