The owners of the Microsoft Partner Network website needed a redesign per the recent introduction of the Microsoft design language (previously known as “Metro”). This group was also looking for guidance with overall site information architecture and page-level restructures.


I worked with my agency’s (UpTop) project manager and the lead designer to understand the client’s (Microsoft Partner Network group) needs and the overall design strategy. I worked on restructuring and redesigning the experience for a few flows, including an admin console and downloads. Additionally, I worked on the high-level sitemap/structure for the entire Microsoft Partner Network website.


  • Iterated on website information architecture by working on post-it notes, testing with users, and drafting diagrams that were then delivered to client for feedback
  • Evaluated initial website designs to understand structure and highest-priority information on each page, then drafted wireframes with restructured information
  • Analyzed Microsoft Metro design language by looking through other similar Microsoft services, and applied the design styles to the web experiences (since at the time, there weren’t official style guides yet)
  • Extended the desktop web design for responsive design, such that the site was accessible through mobile, too